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*This list is a work in progress*


Marble bird baths outside Abstract Marble
Abstract marble carving from a piece of Yule marble that has the rare green color in it
Shelves of Marble souvenirs, painted and carved


is not only a talented sculptor, but a provider to and promoter of other artists. Backed by over 20 years of experience working at the Marble Quarry, his passion for the stone has led to his thriving business of assisting sculptors and others in finding the right stone for their needs. The Abstract Marble and Gift Shop provides stone for sculptors and landscapes, cutting boards, memorial headstones, benches, gifts, and specialty products. His work is known for its clean lines and abstracted, minimalist shapes. It showcases the beautiful, natural variations of the stone with a miner's expertise and an artist's touch.

Contact him to commission/order: marble wine racks, cutting boards, birdbaths, other unique handmade gifts, raw stone, slabs, tile or to inquire about selling your work in Abstract Marble

(970)963-1318 |


Realistic marble carving of a mountain lion
Wood carving of a king
Bacchus and grapes wine rack carved from marble


has turned a beloved hobby into a professional career as a renowned artist. He found his creative spark in high school, with woodworking kindling his creative fire. Whittling led to driftwood carving and then to much larger, more ambitious pieces in different mediums. In 1982 the packing plant where he worked closed and he decided to try woodcarving full time. This risk paid off. By 1986 he was entering his pieces in competitions across the Midwest. He has won many awards, including: Best of Shows, Judges Choice, Best Display, Peoples Choice, and numerous 1st and 2nd place ribbons. He is a two time runner up Best of Show at the International Woodcarvers Congress and has had his work featured on the cover of woodcarving magazines in the US and abroad.

 Contact him to commission: memorials, gateway sculptures, lifesize wildlife/animals and human figures, pet portraits, street address signs and custom sandblasting |


Bust of a horse's head carved from marble
Marble snowmen of different sizes
Mama bear and cub carved from marble


spent most of her young life in Arkansas where her father's love for the outdoors took her on many adventures in forests and along riverbanks.This bonding with nature gave her a strong sense of balance and a love for the simple things in life. In school she showed great artistic promise. Her creative interests changed from designing children's clothing to carving wood and stone. Like Rex, she began with small figures and driftwood, learning quickly and embracing different mediums. Her young adult life was spent experiencing the joys and pains of motherhood. And while all of her children are grown up, her work still often features nurturing themes found in the natural world. Her work is also known for its smooth, graceful lines. All of her pieces are a labor of love.

Contact her to commission: memorials, gateway sculptures, lifesize wildlife/animals and human figures, pet portraits, street address signs and custom sandblasting |


Sunset over water with silhouette trees painted on marble
Denver Broncos logo painted on marble
Silhouette of a wolf in a snowy forest howling at the moon


is a young woman with a talent for acrylic art on marble and canvas as well as a desire to make jewelry and other items she is interested in. Her work features vibrantly rendered landscapes, flowers, animals (both local and fantastical) and much more. Bright palettes and clean silhouettes enhance the natural beauty of the stone and catch the eye, even at a distance. Her paintings make a striking addition and conversation piece to a room. You can find her work at Abstract Marble. Most of her marble art sells quickly so if you see something you like, or have a request, please contact her. She loves a challenge!

Contact her to commission: acrylic art on marble and canvas

website |


Oil painting of a child in footie pajamas holding a stuffed dog
Oil painting of books with titles titles YOU DO YOU Indirectly For Me, OVERREACTING wtih Passion, Palatable Love Stories, Keeping The Love Boat Afloat and Coping With Paltry Mind Readers
Oil painting of a mermaid getting out of a bed, wrapped in a sheet


 is a Contemporary Realist painter specializing in figurative and still life oil paintings. She is an award winning artist whose artworks are collected nationally and internationally.

Contact her to commission: oil paintings/portraits


Honeycomb calcite carved into and infinity symbol
Marble sculpture abstraction of a swan
Woman scuplting with power tools


is a painter, sculptor and teacher who creates gorgeous watercolor paintings. …is in public and private collections. She has achieved signature status of the Southern Watercolor Society and the Tennessee Watercolor Society. She offers group and private classes. Connie is also a prominent stone sculptor and exhibits at the annual Loveland Sculpture In The Park Show. Her work is represented in galleries throughout the US and is in public and private collections. Her marble angel can be seen as you pass the Marble Community Church.


Woman modeling beadwork jewelry
Woman modeling crystal and bead jewelry
Woman modeling beadwork jewelry


is a self taught beadwork artist who moved to Marble in 2018 from Espanola, north of Santa Fe, NM.Chris retired from a career in the medical field in 2010 as a Registered Nurse in the Holistic field, and is a Certified Reiki Master. Chris’s beadwork can be seen in the “HUB”, and in the Metier Gallery, Dixon, NM.Model, Nicole Farell, gracefully offered to model my beadwork for display. Nicole, a Crystal Valley resident, volunteers in the HUB, and is the mother of two handsome sons, Torin, and Colton.


Collage of marble jewelry with beads and pendants made of the green streaked Yule Marble
Collage of wire wrapped marble jewelry and bear shape cut out of marble


creates beautiful jewelry from Colorado Marble and small sculpture figures. Marble Mo, Monique Villalobos, born and raised in the small unique town. Growing up her family made and sold art of their own and still own the Local Marble Gallery, where art collectors from around the world come to find local Marble Artists and Sculpture from this beautiful stone. Monique enjoys being in Marble, with her family, hiking and sculpting in the Mountains.

Contact her to commission: jewelry and small sculptures


Madeline Wiener Flower Girl.jpg
Madeline Wiener Redefining Possible.jpg
Madeline Wiener Tubing Colorado.jpg


is the Director of the MARBLE/marble sculpting symposium held here every summer in July and August. MARBLE/marble is an intensive (some say intense) class/ workshop/carving festival. Madeline Wiener’s sculpture can be found in public and private collections at home and abroad. Her interactive stone sculptures grace parks and public spaces throughout the US.

See more about Madeline and M/m on RMPBS Arts District!

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